Audience Studio

Define & activate audiences easily within Dstillery’s Audience Studio: Designed by Data Scientists, Built For Action.

What is it? 

Audience Studio is Dstillery’s self-service platform used to explore, create, and activate audiences on your DSP of choice.

Move past static data. Don’t limit your audience strategies to broad swath demographics based on stale signals executed without insights. The smartest brands and agencies seek out a strategy that analyzes audiences with actionable insights from time-relevant data. The winning advertisers have the technology to activate innovative audiences swiftly and flexibly. There is a better way to harness your data and discover new customers and it starts with us.

How does it work?

Audience Recommendations: Quickly see recommendations for which audiences to activate, so you can spend more time meeting your campaign goals and less time navigating difficult tools.

Audience Overlap and Rank: Easily overlap various key audiences for data transparency and key insights.

Website Based Insights: Explore URL level insights to get a granular view of how your target audiences interact across the web.

Reimagine And Streamline
Your Audience Strategy
With Audience Studio


Dstillery’s data is massive, holistic, and clean. We observe and clean 160 billion physical and digital consumer interactions daily.


Bespoke customer discovery is enabled by today’s insights derived from synthesizing Dstillery and your advertiser’s 1st party data.


All insights become audiences ready for activation in a click.

From pre-campaign planning to custom audiences to optimizations mid-campaign, the Audience Studio platform was designed to help you discover, create, and activate high-value audiences easily and flexibly.


Plan with category-level snapshot insights of your audience, view market composition by DMA, or dive deeper into AI-driven content affinity insights to inform messaging, geo-targeting, and media placement tactics.


Innovate using first-party data or use our 2,500+ behavioral attributes, physical locations, or demographics to build new custom audiences based on insights unique to your customers.


Find scale and discover prospects based on your highest value customers to expand your performance. Don’t waste another moment, click and activate insights as audiences to your platform of choice.


Get snapshot insights for instant audience discovery. Or dive deep into audience behavior for non-intuitive insights to inform planning or messaging.


See your audience mapped by DMA or zip code. Apply place layers to finally make offline locations connect with web-based behavior to drive in-store traffic.


Build custom audiences based on any combination of your 1st party data and Dstillery data. Or choose from thousands of attributes to tailor any of Dstillery’s prebuilt audiences.

Activate Your Audiences Everywhere

Find Dstillery audiences wherever you already activate media.

“Not only did we save money immediately by switching to Dstillery’s Audience Studio, but we now win more business over competitors because of the strength of our data and the stories we can tell using Dstillery data.”

ANTHONY SANTI, Director of Strategy & Analytics at Townsquare Media Group

Looking for custom audiences?

We offer multiple custom audience solutions — whether you’re looking for a cookieless ad targeting product or want to immediately activate a Pre-built Audience, we’ve got you covered.

ID-free Custom AI

The new privacy-by-design behavioral targeting solution that performs on par with cookies.

Custom AI Audiences

Unlike other limited depth look-alike techniques, we build a Custom AI model to create your best audiences for your brand and your brand alone.