ID-free Custom AI

The new privacy-by-design behavioral targeting solution that performs on par with cookies

What is ID-free?

ID-free is the answer for advertisers looking to get ahead of privacy concerns. Unlike contextual, which tries to infer behavior from content, or conventional behavioral, which tracks browsing history, ID-free is a new category of targeting that provides performance without user tracking.

Powered by patented neural network technology that constantly analyzes hundreds of millions of anonymous digital journey patterns to learn the behavioral signals underlying any web visit. It uses this continuously refreshed dataset to derive a multidimensional map of the web where the closer the points, the more similar the actions of visitors to those sites.  

Your brand’s model is customized using your first-party data as the seed dataset, creating just-for-your-brand predictions to select the impression opportunities that drive performance. This makes ID-free the ideal choice for advertisers who want to get ahead of consumer privacy concerns without compromising campaign performance.

Why use ID-free now?


Future-proof your strategy and reach high-propensity customers without IDs today


Refresh your strategy by adding ID-free while continuing to harness the power of our ID-based tech


ID-free reaches users without any ID, meaning it works on any site, browser, or device while performing on par with cookies

ID-free Custom AI Success Stories

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Find Dstillery audiences wherever you already activate media.

“Dstillery has allowed us to target our marketing message with pin point accuracy as opposed to a broad message that we had in the past. The result is an increased conversion rate.”

SOK VERDERY, Director of Digital Strategy at Comporium

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