Pre-built Audiences

If you’re ready to reach your target audience but aren’t looking for a custom solution, our Pre-built Audiences are right for you.

They are similar to Custom AI Audiences, but without the brand customization.

What is it?

Built with the same care and attention as our Custom AI Audiences, Pre-built Audiences consist of thousands of behavioral, demographic, and location-based audiences that can be used to meet your campaign goals.

How do Pre-built Audiences work?

Dstillery receives billions of digital and physical signals from the bidstream, partnered SDKs, and licensed data. Combinations of these signals are used as seeds to identify a desired behavior or action. A model is then created to identify devices with similar actions as the seed group, and a Pre-built audience gets created.

Our Pre-built Audiences are

Made from the same
high-quality reference data & AI algorithms as all Dstillery audiences

Seeded with users from our reference data set exhibiting the targeted behavior


Available to
activate now

Sample List of Pre-built Audiences

  • Audio Equipment Researchers
  • Prepaid Smartphone Shoppers
  • H&R Block Retail Visitors
  • 18-24 Year Olds
  • Predictive In-store Wawa Visitors

Pre-Built Success Stories

Activate Your Audiences Everywhere

Find Dstillery audiences wherever you already activate media.

“Not only did we save money immediately by switching to Dstillery’s Audience Studio, but we now win more business over competitors because of the strength of our data and the stories we can tell using Dstillery data.”

Anthony Santi, Director of Strategy & Analytics at Townsquare Media Group

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