Custom Built Audiences

If first-party data is not available or relevant, you can easily customize our existing Pre-built Audiences to achieve your unique campaign goals.

What is it?

Custom Built audiences are unique combinations of our Pre-built Audiences, helping you reach your target persona without requiring first-party data.

How do Custom Built Audiences work?

Using Dstillery’s ever-growing list of Pre-built Audiences, customers can apply Boolean logic (and / or / not) to create any unique combination meeting the customer’s targeting needs. For more unique goals, we can use the building blocks that make up a Pre-built Audience (such as specific websites for behavioral or lat-long points for location).

Sample List of Custom Built Audiences

  • 24-34 Year Old Beard Care Shoppers
  • Couples Camping
  • Generational Family Planning
  • Jeep Vehicle Shoppers
  • Restless Refreshers

Custom Built Success Stories

Activate Your Audiences Everywhere

Find Dstillery audiences wherever you already activate media.

“Dstillery has allowed us to target our marketing message with pin point accuracy as opposed to a broad message that we had in the past. The result is an increased conversion rate.”

SOK VERDERY, Director of Digital Strategy at Comporium

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