Americans love going to the movies, so much so that they spent a record $12 billion at the box office in 2018. With the Academy Awards around the corner, we looked to Audience Studio to uncover what makes Moviegoers unique.

They aren’t limited to one genre.

As long as the Movie Review Readers see a high score on Rotten Tomatoes, they’ll purchase a ticket for the newest flick. They are 36.3x more likely to be Horror Movie Fans, 34.1x more likely to be Sci-Fi Movie Fans, 19.5x more likely to be Romance Movie Fans, 7.5x more likely to be Action Movie Fans, and 6.7x more likely to be Comedy Movie Fans.

They’re loyal to their favorite actors and actresses.

As Entertainment & Tabloid Magazine Readers and Celebrity Gossip Fans, these Moviegoers know when their favorite stars are coming out with a new film. They’re more likely to see that film, even if it’s not their preferred genre.

They want to see minorities featured in films.

Many Moviegoers are minorities themselves, and are tired of the monotony of Hollywood. They index highly for Readers of Hispanic, African-American, Chinese, Japanese and Indian content.

The theater isn’t the only stop they make at the mall.

Before they settle into their seats, you can find these Moviegoers shopping at Zara, Brooks Brothers, and Apple, or eating at Noodles & Company, Five Guys, or Yard House.

They like to watch movies on the small screen, too.

These Home Theater Enthusiasts know the importance of a cozy space to watch their favorite movies. They are also shopping for high end TVs, streaming devices, furniture, and mattress.

Yes, Netflix. They are still watching.

It’s easy for these Moviegoers to succumb to an all-nighter of binge-watching. They often feel the effects in the morning, indexing highly for Headache and Migraine Sufferers and Coffee Lovers.

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