Over the six months since George Floyd’s murder, Dstillery has redoubled our efforts to support social justice, equality, and diversity across all aspects of our business.  While discrimination and inequality are not new to our society, there has never been a more crucial time to act.  We stand in solidarity with the fight against systemic racism, and we believe that Black Lives Matter.

We have laid the foundations for our company and community to make enduring change.  The company has developed a formal Diversity & Inclusion program with multiple pillars dedicated to education, recruitment, training, community building, and mentorship.  We have seen inspired energy from our team members — our Dstillers — who have participated in protests, led discussion groups, and organized guest speakers. 

Our shared values related to diversity & inclusion, surfaced organically by Dstillers, include Equality, Respect, Empowerment, and Trust.  We are committed to taking actions that nurture these values, while offering equal opportunities for personal and professional growth in our internal and external communities.  

We are taking the long view, and together, we can and will do more.  Dstillery will invest the time, effort and resources to identify and dismantle any bias in our policies and procedures, enhancing our workforce diversity and fostering an inclusive workplace.  We will continue to provide a safe space for our team members to engage in difficult but necessary conversations, and to empower our community to drive change in our company and in the world for the betterment of all.

Michael Beebe