Meet ID-free.

ID-free Custom AI is a groundbreaking AI-based targeting technology that replicates the performance and scale of cookie-based audience targeting without any reliance whatsoever on third-party cookies or any form of alternative identifiers.

And it’s available for deployment right now, so you can start using it immediately — well before Google retires the cookie in late 2023 — and you can apply ID-free targeting to both ID-based and ID-free campaigns. By the time the cookie disappears, you’ll have ID-free targeting up and running — and your transition to the cookie-less future will be seamless.

Reading the URL.

Mapping the Internet.

Real-time Data.

The result of over 12 years of data science and engineering innovation, with 15 patents granted and more pending, ID-free is based on interpreting the behavioral intent behind a URL visit, for every ad-supported site on the internet. We use a neural network to create a behavioral map of the internet that captures patterns in web visitation journeys. Every URL has a unique set of coordinates in this space, and URLs that are close together are visited with similar user intent. Crunching over 250 million behavioral signals (domains, DMAs, and time of day), ID-free targets high-propensity consumers across the internet without IDs. And real-time signals mean all targeting decisions are 100% fresh and based on the user’s motivations in the moment, yielding the most up-to-date data available.

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