Understand Your Brand with Affinity Heatmaps

Affinity Heatmap


Like a fingerprint, each brand audience has a unique and extremely nuanced content composition. In other words, what type of content does a brand’s audiences seek? Do they closely follow the news? Check the latest fashion trends? Engage with niche, potentially obscure content?

These are the types of questions Affinity Heatmap helps answer with data that is constantly refreshed to drive more strategic marketing decisions and messaging.


What’s the content composition of your audience? Each cluster (dot) represents a group of people that share a strong affinity for specific website content (e.g., fantasy sports, rural living, high end audio). The top indexing clusters represent the highest content composition of your audience.

Use these clusters to develop more relevant consumer engagement strategies, and immediately activate them in our own DSP or your platform of choice.


What’s the potential reach? Easily see how many people fall within each content cluster–we’ve seen this range from an intimate group of 2,000 people to more than 20 million people.