How Do Dstillery Demographic Audiences Work?



Dstillery’s demographic audiences are built using our patented AI modeling technology to accurately predict user demographics, and are rescored and optimized daily to score highly against on-target percentage (OTP) measurements by the leading demographic validation companies.

We offer two versions of demographic segments – Scale and Fidelity. Scale audiences are best used in-concert with other Dstillery audiences to drive business outcomes while targeting a specific demographic bucket – e.g. DIYers F 25-34. Fidelity audiences drive high on-target percentage metrics, and are intended to be used when demographic measurement is the main KPI – e.g. M 25-34.


Our approach to demographic audiences focuses on accuracy and quality. By using exclusively digital event-level data to inform user segmentation, we ensure that our audiences do not incur any loss of fidelity due to onboarding, and constant refreshing allows us to make sense of users who recently cleared their cookies & cache. Like all Dstillery audiences, our Demographic segments leverage Dstillery’s patented data hygiene technology to ensure no spend is wasted on non-human or suspicious devices.


For a child care CPG company targeting Females ages 18-49, Dstillery beat the OTP benchmark by 40%, driving a 60% OTP vs 43% benchmark.

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