How To Navigate Healthcare Advertising



As reported by the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Expenditure Report, healthcare expenditures have steadily increased by 6% each year. This growth in US consumer spending has drawn increasing interest from healthcare brands to target those customers in more relevant and engaging ways. Dstillery’s behavioral segmentation and predictive intelligence solutions can help healthcare marketers reach their current and prospective customers based on observed behaviors.

Dstillery honors the Digital Advertising Alliance Code as it pertains to the use of sensitive medical information. Given the extremely private and sensitive nature of health-related conditions, Dstillery has proactively developed guidelines for serving clients in the healthcare industry, constituting three classes of conditions: Sensitive, Restricted and Unrestricted.

  • Sensitive conditions are designated as such because messaging might be viewed as predatory and/or invasive, and Dstillery will not provide services that aim to identify or directly target consumers who are suffering from those conditions.
  • Restricted conditions for which Dstillery will provide certain services such as Custom AI audience targeting, but will not retarget first party audience seeds provided by an advertiser.
  • Unrestricted conditions which do not require privacy protections above and beyond the normal consumer privacy protections built into its business practices.

Download the one-sheet for our healthcare conditions targeting matrix.