6-Step Client Onboarding Process

Your personalized experience working with Sales and Client Success.

Let's Get Started…

Big Picture Outlook

At this point, your Sales Representative has provided an overview of the full suite of Dstillery products & services that are the right fit for your campaign.

Sales to Client Success Handoff

Your Sales Representative and Client Success Team will meet to align on all of your key account information.

Confirm Campaign Requirements

Your Client Success Team will gather all campaign requirements in order to successfully build the correct audience/model for activation.

Audience/Model Creation

Together with Product and Sales, your Client Success Team will build and syndicate the audience/model to your seat.

Campaign Set-Up

To ensure the correct implementation of Dstillery products in the platform of your choice, our team will take time to review with you our best practices for campaign set-up.

Performance Review & Recommendations

About two weeks after your campaign goes live, you’ll meet with your Client Success Team to review initial campaign performance.

We’ll evaluate:

  • Campaign Performance & Trends
  • Partner Comparison
  • Additional recommendations to expand and improve performance

Three Ways To Maximize Your Return on Dstillery:

Allocate sufficient budget to achieve valid results. Ask us.

Always run more than one targeting tactic (e.g. reach and response, custom and prebuilt)

Share performance reporting to leverage our programmatic optimization experts (no charge)

Onboarding is meant to be simple.

We’ll check off all 6 steps and can re-visit certain steps along your journey depending on your needs.

Together, we’ll achieve great results.

Have questions? Reach out to your Sales/Client Success Team or email contact@dstillery.com for more information.