Future-Proof Your Digital Campaigns Today

Hosted by: Dstillery
February 03, 2021 11:00 AM ET

Audience Targeting for a Post-Cookie World

Third-party cookies are slated for retirement, IDFAs will soon be opt-in only, and marketers are left guessing about the future of targeted advertising. During our webinar, Melinda Han Williams, Dstillery’s Chief Data Scientist explains how to build a future-proof targeting strategy in the face of this uncertainty, that delivers now and in the post-cookie world.

Watch the recording to discover:

    • How AI audience targeting works today & why it doesn’t rely on cookies
    • What display targeting will look like post-cookie & which solutions are available now
    • Dstillery’s ID-Free Custom AI targeting solution & why now is the ideal time to test it

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Presented by:
Melinda Han Williams
Chief Data Scientist Dstillery